You will need to complete a separate application for each category of award that you are entering. Each organisation may submit one entry per category. You may not submit the same project into more than one category of award.

Before you start to complete an application form, you are advised to check that your project meets the general eligibility criteria for the Natspec Awards and the specific criteria for the category of award for which you are applying. You may also wish to check the frequently asked questions. We have prepared some guidance for applicants based on the submissions for the 2020 awards.

Applications should consist of a project summary, no more than 750 words, to be entered in the form below. It should cover:

  • what has been implemented
  • what makes it innovative
  • what the impact has been
  • how it will be sustained / further developed
  • evidence from different stakeholders including students

In addition to the project summary, up to three additional pieces of supporting evidence can also be submitted. Please provide either a direct file upload or a link, not both. Any supporting evidence should already be in existence (e.g. an external evaluation report) and not created for the purpose of applying for a Natspec Award, except where videos are being used as a means of recording student feedback. Supporting evidence may contain a mix of files but should contain:

  • no more than 750 words total across the three pieces of evidence
  • no more than 3 minutes of video across the three pieces of evidence

When uploading evidence, please name it something sensible, such as “[Name of College] [Name of Award Applying for] [Short Description].doc”

If your application does not follow these guidelines we will be unable to accept it and duly consider it for an award.

Submissions have now closed for 2021